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French army breaches the gates of Algiers 4 July 1830. Hussein Dey capitulates 5 July 1830.

Following the fall of Fort Emperor, the French moved their batteries to its ruins and prepare to bombard the Casbah, "the fortress, the seat of power."…

The Fort of the Emperor was the last defensive structure guarding the western approach to Algiers. The French breached its walls within five hours of artillery bombardment on 4 July 1830. The Turks guarding the fort blew up what remained of it after…

Scène de l'attaque de l'amiral Dupperé (navire La Provence) lors du bombardement d'Algers, le 3 juillet 1830. Scene from Admiral Dupperé's (warship La Provence) attack during the bombardment of Algiers July 3, 1830.

Between June 30 and July 4,…

After King Louis XVIII's death in 1824, his younger brother, Charles X, ascended to the throne and reigned 1824-1830.

In an effort to garner support for the flagging Restoration government of Charles X, France launched an attack on Algiers in repayment for the perceived insults suffered.

Newspaper account of the conquest of Algiers