Settler Colonialism Uncovered

The online exhibits here will focus on where, how, and why settler colonies developed and will allow users to explore the regions' geography, how the landscape and demographics changed over time due to the influx of settlers, and how colonial administrators, settlers, and Indigenous communities experienced these changes.

Recently Added Items

  • Une Fantasia: Algérie

    In North Africa, a fantasia is an exhibition of horsemanship and martial spirit that looks, at first glance, like a synchronized race across a stretch…

  • Combat aux portes d'Alger en 1830

    French army breaches the gates of Algiers 4 July 1830. Hussein Dey capitulates 5 July 1830.

    Following the fall of Fort Emperor, the French moved…

  • Explosion du fort de l'empereur

    The Fort of the Emperor was the last defensive structure guarding the western approach to Algiers. The French breached its walls within five hours of…